Jonathan Nuttall

Volleyball Playing Experience

I have been competing in volleyball since 5th grade, playing on my middle school and high school teams, as well as competing in club throughout high school and college. Even today as a working adult I still compete in a number of tournaments throughout the year. In addition, I’ve played beach volleyball for almost as long as indoor and try to get out and play when I can.

Coaching Experience

I’m still a new coach, with the 2022-2023 club season having been my first experience in this role. That first season hooked me though, and I’ve found just as much fulfillment watching my team grow and succeed as I get from playing on the court myself.

Coaching Qualifications

CPR and First Aid Certified. I pride myself on having a deep understanding of the strategy of the game, including the roles of each position and the “why” behind every decision. I also have a passion for the defensive aspect of the game, having been a Libero for most of my career, and I’m confident I can take any player’s backrow game to the next level if they meet me halfway.

Coaching Philosophy

I aim to be the coach I always wanted to have as an athlete. I might not be able to teach someone to love the sport as much as I do, but I can always make sure I meet them halfway. By fostering an environment where competition is used as a crucible for growth, and where being better than who you were yesterday is the goal, I teach young athletes how to stand proud, regardless of the final score.

What do you like best about coaching?

Getting to be a part of someone else’s athletic journey.

Personal Fact

I was a multisport athlete growing up, having competed in basketball, soccer, water polo, wrestling, track and field, tennis, golf, and baseball throughout my career, a few of which I’m still involved in to this day.

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