About Us


We are committed to providing instructional supervision in a disciplined setting, emphasizing athletic fundamentals, skills and techniques in specific training categories.

Aftershock Volleyball Club is dedicated to the development of girls as athletes and individuals. The Club provides an opportunity for committed players, from grade school through high school, to develop their volleyball skills and participate in organized competition. The Club is committed to working with parents and local schools to provide intensive, high quality training for those players who aspire to compete at the high school and college level. Throughout each year the Club will offer a variety of programs designed to provide each member with training and competition at a level which is consistent with their age, experience, skill and available time. We are dedicated to teaching, training, reinforcing, and recognizing proper technique, form, team work and performance in our players and teams.

We are committed to helping players develop core values and characteristics that will serve as a stepping stone to higher education and leadership opportunities.

It is the Club’s mission to help each member become the best volleyball player she can be and to support the parents in making each player the best person she can be. Our unified vision is to create an environment where we can provide character development, build self esteem and teach valuable skill sets and good sportsmanship, while providing fun through the game of volleyball. This environment will enrich the players, coaches, and parents by incorporating core values such as work ethic, persistence, discipline, determination, competition, goal setting and accountability. This vision will create winning players with universal core values who will positively contribute to our community and beyond.

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