About Club Volleyball

What is club volleyball?
Club volleyball provides players with additional opportunities to develop and perfect their skills in volleyball and to compete with players outside of their school league. This gives them an opportunity to compete at a higher level. If not yet playing on a school team, club volleyball can help a player to develop the skills necessary to “make the team”.
What is the season for club volleyball?
The club season begins with tryouts in October. Practices begin in November. Tournaments begin in late January or early February and continue through May. Some teams may choose to extend their tournament season to late June or early July. Some post season events accept all teams while others require earning a bid through a qualifying event.
How much does it cost to play?
Clubs differ in philosophy, cost, and the number and type of tournaments they compete in. Their fee structures can also differ significantly.

Fees generally cover the cost of gym rentals, equipment, uniforms, coaching and staff salaries, tournament fees, and administrative costs. There will also be costs associated with attending tournaments, such as meal and travel expenses, and possibly costs for recreational activities for multiple-day tournaments when the team is not competing.

Because there are so many variables associated with estimating total costs to participate in club volleyball, it is best to consult with the Club Director, Craig Hardisty @ (707) 479-9645 for more detailed information.

Fee schedules for the upcoming season will be provided at tryouts.

What about background checks?
Yes, it is the policy of our organization to conduct background checks on all coaches and staff every two years. Background checks are done by NCVA/USA Volleyball which has one of the best background screening processes in the industry as it is very comprehensive. If you, as a parent, are ever in question if any one mentioned above has not been background checked please email the NCVA Office ([email protected]) with the full name and the club affiliation, so we can check to make sure. Please also include your contact information.

 Club Teams

What is the difference between Premier Area League and Power League teams?
Premier Area League teams typically play within 90 minutes of their club’s home base, therefore requiring less of a time and financial commitment. Tournaments for Premier Area League teams are organized by geographical location rather than the strength of the team. Therefore, the competition may vary widely with teams competing against teams who are either significantly better or significantly worse. Since the tournaments are organized geographically, PDAL teams tend to play the same teams.

Power League teams require more of a time and financial commitment because their tournaments are not restricted to a geographical circumference from their club’s home base. They may require travel further away from home which may warrant an overnight hotel stay. Power League teams have more opportunities to advance from one “division” to another and consequently, if they do well, they will play more and more competitive teams.

Aftershock Volleyball Club offers both Premier League and Power League teams. Our Mission does not change whether a player is on a Premier Area or Power League team.

How many players are on a team?
Teams are comprised of 10-12 players. The exact number is dependent on several factors, including team composition needs, ability level of players and number of athletes participating in other sports during the same season. During tryouts we will typically pick 12 players per team.


What are tryouts and when are they held?
Tryouts are held in October and serve to help us select the teams. For 1 ½ to 2 hours each day, players ages 8 – 18 will demonstrate their volleyball skills through a series of drills, exercises and practice/game play. It is critically important for any player interested in playing for Aftershock Volleyball Club to attend tryouts as this ensures the best possible placement on a team.

Throughout the tryout process, the AVC coaching staff perform on-court evaluations of such things as skill, attitude, effort, ability to communicate, competitiveness and desire.

How much do the tryouts cost?
Tryouts cost $50 which covers two days of tryouts. Each tryout is two hours long. Players are encouraged to attend both days of tryouts.
Do I have to attend both tryouts sessions?
It is recommended that all players (whether new or returning) attend as many sessions as they possibly can so our coaches can best determine which team is most suitable for them.
What if I missed tryouts? Do I have to wait until next year?
Contact the Club Director, Craig Hardisty @ (707) 479-9645 to inquire about any available openings.
If I attend tryouts, am I guaranteed a spot on a team?
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a spot on a team. It all depends on how many girls tryout, what their skill levels are, our coaching staff, and availability of practice sites. However every attempt is made to place all players on a team which is appropriate for their skill level and goals.
How does a player get picked for the team?
Coaches assign players to teams based on a combination of tryout results and team compositions need. The tryout results are determined by on-court evaluations by the coaching staff. Attitude, effort, ability to communicate, competitiveness and desire are also factors. The team composition needs are determined by each individual coach’s decision as to how many players are needed at each position (setter, middle blocker, outside hitter, etc.). The goal is to assign players to teams where they will have the best chance of individual success and are most capable of making a significant contribution to the team’s success.
When will I know if I made it on a team?
After the last tryout has concluded, all of the coaches and the Club Director will get together to compare evaluation records and develop the teams. Within the week following tryouts, the coaches assigned to each team will then contact each player on their team to offer them a spot on the team.


How often and when will the teams practice?
All teams practice twice a week in the evening.
Where will teams practice?
Teams practice at the NCVA facility, Santa Rosa High School, and Piner High School.


How many tournaments are there and where are they?
The tournament schedules can be found on the NCVA website.

Power League: https://ncva.com/girls/powerleague/

Premier League: https://ncva.com/girls-division/premierleague/

In addition to league tournaments, teams may also compete in Special Tournaments, Non-League and National Level tournaments.

How long are the tournaments?
A tournament could last from 7-9 hours depending on the format and the duration of each match. Lead tournaments normally begin at 8:00 AM. Special events such as the California Kickoff, President’s Day, Far Western National Qualifier, and Spring Classic have two waves. The AM wave normally starts at 8:00 AM and the PM wave normally starts at 3:00 PM. One-day tournaments usually consist of about 4-5 matches.
Are all tournaments mandatory?
We should always do our best to make the full commitment to whatever we do in life. Our coaches and your teammates count on you to make it to all the tournaments. That being said we understand things come up that may prevent your tournament participation. Please communicate with your coach in advance regarding your availability to attend tournaments and any potential conflicts you may have.


Will AVC help me get a college scholarship?
No club can guarantee any player a college scholarship. However, the many players that earn volleyball athletic scholarships and play in college developed their skills and got exposure to and recruited by college coaches through club programs across the country. Club volleyball provides players the chance to develop their volleyball skills to the limit of their ability and dedication to improve. There are many levels of college competition and many opportunities. The bottom line is that your individual grades, desire, ability and skill are what is most important in obtaining a college scholarship, not any particular club that you play for.

 More Information

Who do I contact for more information?
For general questions, please contact the Club Director, Craig Hardisty at (707) 479-9645 or via email [email protected]


Rich Schwarz, Director of Player Development at (707) 478-5593 or via email [email protected]