Volleyball Team Spirit

Exhibiting team spirit has a profoundly positive effect on a player’s and team’s sports experience. Spirit helps players move beyond narrow self interest, beyond the individualism that permeates our culture, and cultivates the possibility of an extraordinary team. Team Spirit is the end goal. High-performing teams exhibit selflessness and a sense of spirit.

Each individual player brings a unique skill, dynamic, characteristic, personality and quality to the team. Recognizing and appreciating each player’s special attributes and contributions to the team will help to foster team spirit as well as build self-esteem in the individual player and pride within the team. Spirit-wear and accessories (personalized water bottles for example) help to promote team spirit and unity. Team supporters can encourage spirit by chanting on the sidelines in positive, empowering and confidence-boosting ways. Promoting team spirit fosters cohesiveness, unity, acceptance, a greater sense of pride, and commitment to the team’s success. A profound sense of relationship exists, where team members feel belonging and trust in their work together. It is important in any field of life, because it creates the unity in human beings to improve their work. That’s a great thing!

Here are some ideas for fostering team spirit

 Good Sportsmanship

Another very important aspect to team sports is practicing good sportsmanship. This is a quality that will serve players well throughout their lifetimes. It is based on respect for others and appreciation for their skills and contributions to an end goal or a particular effort. For more information about this topic, please visit our “Good Sportsmanship” page.