Promoting Team Spirit

Parents and supporters can help to promote team spirit by:

  • Encouraging the team to come up with a team name that they can be proud of. Some suggested names can be found on the “Volleyball Cheers and Chants” webpage.
  • Cheering for the team in a positive, encouraging and praising manner as opposed to a critical, directional, demeaning, or condescending manner.
  • Encouraging the team to root for other teams in their own club that might be playing at the same tournament.
  • Collectively purchase matching socks for the team.
  • Making personalized hair ties using puffy paint and ribbon. Put the player’s last name on one end, and their player number on the other end.
  • Collectively purchase water bottles for the players and personalize them.
  • Asking the players to think of a slogan or inspirational quote and make practice t-shirts with their selected quote on it.
  • Providing opportunities for the girls to socialize off the court. This builds relationships, team cohesiveness, and makes the club experience all the more enjoyable for the girls. They will want to work hard for their teammates and newfound friends and will not want to disappoint them.
  • Asking your player what their goal is before each competition. Perhaps they want to try to call the ball more, to serve better, jump higher or be a better cheerleader. Focusing on a particular goal ensures more success than if no goal is identified. This way, the athlete feels a sense of accomplishment, even if her team does not win the match. She feels she’s contributed to her team and this promotes team spirit.
  • Make some colorful signs of support for individual players and/or for the team. “Go Rhonda!” ; “Side-out Shakers” ; “Ace ’em Shivers!”; “Talk it up Tremors!”
  • Celebrating their hard work by suggesting the team go out for dinner together following the end of a tournament. Even if they didn’t win a single match, this gesture shows them that they are supported and gives them an opportunity to have fun with their team-mates in an informal, social setting.

If you can think of other ways to promote team spirit, please let us know so we may incorporate them in this list of ideas. Thank you for helping to promote team spirit!