Rob Beal

Volleyball Playing Experience

I have about 25 years of experience in playing volleyball after playing basketball for most of my life. I love playing the game as often as possible.

Coaching Experience

I have 15 plus years of coaching experience with Aftershock Volleyball and I coached for 9 years at Santa Rosa High School.

Coaching Qualifications

I am currently certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED, as well as Safe Sport, concussion protocol, mandated reporter, heat-related illness, and Impact certification. I feel one of my greatest assets around coaching is building team chemistry. I feel having good team chemistry leads to stronger team play. I also really enjoy getting to know the young athletes on my team and helping them learn ways to cope with so many of lives challenges and to help them learn tools to combat anxiety and stress. Another strength of mine is teaching and demonstrating how to deal with conflict along with how to win and lose with dignity and good sportsmanship.

Coaching Philosophy

Always work on learning and improving. Put others above yourself, but take care of yourself so you can help support others. Volleyball is a team sport so continue to help build good relationships with your teammates and to always give effort to help yourself get better which will then help your team get better.

What do you like best about coaching?

My biggest enjoyment of coaching is getting to know the athletes on my team and building a strong relationship with them along with building strong relationships with their parents. Coaching is also a stress reliever for me which helps me deal with life challenges/issues. Coaching allows me to be a mentor for so many young athletes and in some cases to be a positive male role model they may be missing.

Personal Fact

I have been employed with the City of Santa Rosa in the Recreation and Parks Department for 40 plus years between part time and full time.

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