Save The Date: 2021-2022 Tryouts

11-14 Age Groups

Saturday, October 16 and Sunday, October 17

Times and location TBD

15-18 Age Groups

Saturday, October 30 and Sunday, October 31

Times and location TBD

Age groups are per USA Volleyball Age Definitions.

For Both Groups:

  • No previous volleyball experience required
  • Players are encouraged to attend both tryout days
  • Pre-Registration Form will be available for download from our website
  • Tryout Fee is TBD
  • COVID-19 and variants safety protocols will be followed according to the county health guidelines in place at the time
  • If a player is 14 years of age but will be going into 9th grade in the Fall, they may choose to tryout in the 15-18 age group
  • We want you to know that when you (the player) try out for Aftershock, we make a commitment to YOU that we will do our very best to place you on a team that is in alignment with your skill level and where you have the best chance to build your skills and achieve your goals, and that by doing so, you will have a more positive experience.


While many clubs are holding their tryouts several months earlier this year due to new rules that allow clubs more flexibility to recruit players earlier, we are choosing not to follow suit because we feel it is in the best interest of the players and families.

In order for this strategy to make sense for the club, we would have to charge a non-refundable deposit to secure the player’s commitment that far in advance of the season’s start date, which is December 1. If we don’t charge a non-refundable deposit, there would be no recourse for us to prevent the player from changing their mind at the last minute and choosing not to play at Aftershock, which would negatively affect the teams.

Instead, by holding our tryouts closer to the season start date, (as we’ve traditionally done) we expect to see players who are ready to commit to playing versus getting their commitment three months in advance during which any number of things could happen to prevent the player from following through with that commitment (i.e. an injury or illness, sudden need to move out of the county, or simply lost interest). It just doesn’t seem advantageous to our players or their families to sign them that far in advance of the season start date.

Therefore, we’ve decided to hold our tryouts pretty much as we always have, with a slight change in that we will hold the older age group at the end of October and the younger age group in mid-October. This way high school players and their families can enjoy the high school season before moving into the club volleyball season.

Every effort will be made to place players on teams appropriate for their skill levels, position, and age. Our mission is to help each player reach their volleyball goals and have a positive experience.

If you are unsure which club you want to play for, below you’ll find some of the reasons we think you should choose Aftershock.


Why choose Aftershock?

Experience and Philosophy

We have been training athletes in the sport of volleyball for over 10 years. Our coaches love volleyball and strive to instill that love for the sport in junior girls by helping them achieve their goals and realize their full potential.

Several of our coaches are or have been head coaches for Sonoma County middle and high schools, and some play or coach at the college level. All have volleyball experience in some form or another.

Our coaches are background-checked and must complete the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s online training. They must also adhere to the Aftershock philosophy of creating a positive environment where we can provide character development, build self-esteem and teach valuable skill sets and good sportsmanship, while providing fun through the game of volleyball. This environment will enrich the players, coaches, and parents by incorporating core values such as work ethic, persistence, discipline, determination, competition, goal setting, and accountability. This vision creates winning players with universal core values who will positively contribute to our community and beyond. When you play volleyball, you become part of a community where everyone is welcome and lifelong friendships are built through play, competition, and fun.


Members of USA Volleyball (USAV) and Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA)

USA Volleyball (USAV)

Aftershock is governed by USA Volleyball (USAV), which is recognized as the national governing body of volleyball in the United States by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball and the United States Olympic Committee for the disciplines of beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, and sitting volleyball in the United States.

USA Volleyball is responsible for selecting and supporting US national teams that compete in FIVB-sanctioned international volleyball and beach volleyball competitions such as the Olympic Summer Games. USA Volleyball is also charged with fostering the development of the sport of volleyball within the United States through involvement with its forty Regional Volleyball Associations.

College scholarships and Olympic dreams begin with USAV and their Regions, which have over 368,000 registered members, over 12,000 teams and 5,000 clubs nationwide. This translates into more and higher quality competition opportunities!

Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA)

NCVA is the non-profit organization that serves the region in which Aftershock Volleyball Club operates, and includes all of Northern California and Northern Nevada. NCVA has over 1400 teams and 400 clubs throughout the region and is the fourth largest region of the USAV offering many levels of league and multi-day tournament options. These high-level tournaments award bids to the USAV National Championships, the pinnacle of play in the United States for junior athletes.


As members of USAV/NCVA, our players and parents receive the benefit of:

  • Well organized and high-quality USAV sanctioned competition opportunities.
  • Access to multiple resources that support and enhance the parents’ and players’ experience. This includes information on safe sports practices, nutrition, sportsmanship, codes of conduct, and more.
  • Assistance with hotel reservations for multi-day tournaments. (NCVA)
  • Assurance that all Aftershock coaches and staff are background checked and coaches must complete minimum coaching education requirements through the USAV Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP). Our coaches may also advance their coaching skills through CAP modules taught by highly qualified coaches.
  • Comprehensive insurance package included in registration fees which covers sports accidents.
  • Parent outreach programming to better educate the entire family unit on the sport of volleyball and the impact USAV can provide to the athlete.
  • Knowing that NCVA meets USAV criteria for volleyball rules standards and competition facilities standards.
  • High-quality referees and scorekeepers who must undergo certification training. USAV/NCVA are the ONLY training organization with a program for officials in the sport of club volleyball.
  • Access to “Best Practices” and “How to” instructions designed for players, club directors, coaches, officials, and parents for all levels of involvement.


As with all things, you may find other options for volleyball, but nothing compares to the experience you will receive being involved with USAV/NCVA.

We encourage you to compare USAV/NCVA to all other volleyball organizations and we are confident you’ll find that the best choice for a volleyball organization will be with the USAV/NCVA.

When you choose to be a member of Aftershock Volleyball Club you are also choosing to be a member of USAV/NCVA. We think this is the best choice for the majority of volleyball players.

Return to Play Program – Session #2

We are continuing to offer an opportunity for female youth volleyball players to safely return to playing volleyball under public health and safety COVID protocols. This next session will involve more play time, scrimmages, and fun! We hope you can join us!


Girls ages 10 – 18. Beginners are welcome. No previous volleyball experience required.


Following registration, we will send out an email to all participants with the dates and times for their practices and who their coaches will be.

Players can expect to spend about one third of the time doing drills and building skills, and two thirds of the time scrimmaging with other teams. Practice drills will focus on developing individual technical skills (serving, setting, digging, spiking, and blocking), team strategy, and conditioning your muscles for endurance.

We will be following the current Sonoma County health and safety protocols for team sports.

Space is limited, so register early to ensure your spot. We will be forming groups based on skill levels, ages, and positions to ensure a positive experience for the players.

We are aware that players may not have touched a volleyball in over a year. Please rest assured that players will receive instruction in the safe, caring, and nurturing environment that Aftershock is known for.


  • July 6 – August 5, 2021
  • Tuesdays – Thursdays, between 5:30 and 9:00pm
  • Twice a week for 1-1/2 hours each practice


Self Monitoring:

  • Participants will be expected to self-monitor for COVID symptoms.
  • Please stay home if you have any symptoms.
  • Let us know if you have contracted COVID, so we can initiate the contact tracing process.

On-Site Monitoring:

  • Temperatures will be taken at the door upon arrival to your clinic/practice session.
  • Players will sanitize their hands upon arrival (hand sanitizer will be provided) and can use the hand sanitizer as often as they wish.
  • Only 2 cohort teams per session. They will be separated by one court.
  • Balls and courts will be sanitized between sessions.
  • Face masks are required at all times.
  • Drills will be established to allow for distancing as much as possible.
  • Bring your own water, and do not share with others. This is a time when sharing is discouraged!
  • We’re very sorry but parents will not be permitted to be in the building to observe during this program. If your beginner player is somewhat shy, this may not be the best way to introduce them to the sport of club volleyball.

Program Location:

Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA) Headquarters
5621 Skylane Blvd
Santa Rosa, CA 95403


  • $200 for the 5-week program, due on or before the player’s first clinic.
  • We only accept checks or cash. Your player may bring a check with the WAIVER FORM to their first session or you may mail both check and form to:
    Aftershock Volleyball Club, PO Box 8023, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
  • Fees are non-refundable, except under extenuating circumstances, subject to approval by the Club leadership team.



Contact the Club Director, Craig Hardisty, at (707) 479-9645 or [email protected] or the Director of Player Development, Rich Schwarz at (707) 478-5593 or [email protected].

We hope to see you soon!

2020-2021 Club Season Update

11/17/20 Update – View our Covid Updates section for the latest club news regarding COVID-19.

We would like to update you on the current status of youth volleyball for the 2020-2021 season and our current plans for proceeding. Without a doubt, the current pandemic has caused a drastic change to things we once considered normal. We, NCVA, and USA Volleyball are all making the necessary adjustments to coincide with these changes. Here at Aftershock our primary focus is to provide a quality volleyball experience while keeping everyone safe. We are and will continue to abide by all guidelines set forth by the Sonoma County Health Order as well as by the state of California.

NCVA has established the Girls Program Advisory Committee (GPAC) – comprised of Club Directors and NCVA staff. This committee has been meeting for the last 6 weeks to discuss and establish plans for the re-opening of youth volleyball, once it is safe and permissible to do so. Here are the two plans that were established by NCVA and GPAC:


Currently the NCVA plans to start the 2020-2021 season as regularly scheduled with competitions beginning at the end of January. Please understand that this is the schedule as of today. Any changes or developments with the current pandemic may create changes to our season, but we have an optimistic plan to return.


The NCVA and GPAC Committee are currently discussing plans for a tentative start date later in the season, if need be. We will update you on these options once we know further details.


Since traditional tryouts are not allowed, or safe, the NCVA in conjunction with the Girls Program Advisory Committee (GPAC) has determined that all clubs within the NCVA may offer roster spots to all returning and new players, beginning August 29, 2020 without a traditional tryout. It is felt that this change will ease the many pressures families and clubs are feeling during this turbulent time.

If your player would like to be considered for a position on a team with Aftershock for the 2020-2021 season, we invite you to complete our AVC Interest Form.

We will use the information we receive from your submission to gauge interest for the 2020-2021 season and if there is enough interest, we may begin formulating teams so that if and when we are given the green light from the county and state health authorities, we will be ready to get started!

Just as with tryouts there are no guarantees of placement on a team, however, we will do our best to place all interested players on teams most suitable for their position and skill level.

If you have not played for Aftershock before, we may arrange for a mini-tryout session (if we can do so safely) so we can assess your skill level for proper placement.

As always, we will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our members during our decision making and will keep each of you informed along the way.

While these past few months have been wrought with fears about the pandemic and wildfires, uncertainty about the future of America, unexpected job losses, and anxiety over sending our children back to school and figuring out new ways to learn, socialize, and work, we hope you are taking care of yourselves and are getting support where you need it.

Check back often for updates or subscribe to receive club news by email.

Feel free to contact Craig Hardisty, Club Director at (707) 479-9645 if you have any questions.

Picture Day 2020

Picture day will be taking place on March 3rd & 4th at the NCVA practice facility (5621 Skylane Blvd, Santa Rosa).

You will be notified of your teams picture day by your coach soon.

Alicia Parks Photography will be taking the photos this year. Be sure to download your order form below!

Picture Day Order Form

Tryout Update

Hi Everyone

We wanted to give you all an update tonight on tryouts, as promised.

It has certainly been one crazy week with this fire, the evacuations and families being displaced, the seemingly never-ending power outages, and the stress, fear, and anxiety that comes with the all too familiar Fire Season in Sonoma County.

In light of all that has happened this week and considering what we have all been through as a community, we have decided to cancel tryouts for this weekend, November 2nd and 3rd to give families the extra time to settle back into their homes and their routines.

In addition, Piner High School is currently cleaning their gym of all the smoke and ash, and we want to ensure that is concluded before we hold tryouts for everyone’s health and safety.

Tryouts for November 9th and 10th will be held as scheduled.

If you are unable to attend tryouts on the 9th and 10th, please contact our Club Director Craig Hardisty at (707) 479-9645, or our Director of Player Development Rich Schwarz at (707) 478-5593.

We are trying to reach as many people as we can with this information. If you all could help us do so by sharing with your friends, we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.

Please enjoy your time with your family and friends this weekend, and we will see you next week!