Save the date!

Aftershock Tryouts will be…

October 15 and 16 for the 11-14 age divisions.

October 22 and 23 for the 15-18 age divisions.

Age groups are per USA Volleyball Age Definitions.

NCVA and other volleyball organizations have authorized tryouts for girls in the 15-18 age divisions beginning July 29.

We have always taken pride in our belief that our focus should be on what’s best for players and their families. We truly care and believe that all aspects of well-being should be considered when preparing for our volleyball season.

Though we recognize the potential conflict for players who wish to tryout for multiple clubs with varying tryout schedules, we have decided that our tryouts for this age group will take place following the high school volleyball season.

Delaying club tryouts allows prospective players to focus on their high school season team tryouts and families to enjoy their planned summer vacations before the start of the school year. This lessens any anxiety with players participating in simultaneous tryouts (club and school) and allows families to not stress about returning from vacation early.

In addition, we expect players to improve during their high school season. Holding tryouts near the end of the high school season will lead to more appropriate team placement for the player.

Finally, it doesn’t make sense to us to form teams in July but not be able to begin practicing until November, as per NCVA regulations.

Thus, tryouts for girls in the 15–18 age divisions will take place on October 22 and 23.

One final thought: If the trend in club volleyball is toward becoming a year-round sport, we must be very conscientious about overuse and injury prevention in order to keep everyone healthy, excited and inspired all year long.

Tryouts for Girls in the 11-14 Age Divisions

NCVA has authorized tryouts for girls in the 11-14 age divisions to begin October 15.

Therefore, tryouts for girls in the 10-14 age divisions will take place on October 15 and 16.

Times and Locations

We will be posting the tryouts schedules and locations soon. If you have signed up for club notifications, you will get an automatic notice. Otherwise, please check back here in mid-September for more details.

Once the schedule is finalized and posted, let us know if you are unable to attend tryouts for your age group so we can work with you on a possible solution. Contact Craig Hardisty at (707) 479-9645 or email [email protected].

Pre-Tryout Clinics

We will have pre-tryout clinics in October. Details will be posted in September. Be sure to subscribe to receive club news by email so you don’t miss clinics and tryouts information!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone! We’ll see you in October!

Why choose Aftershock?

There are other clubs within the local area that will continue with their early tryout schedule for the older age groups. We ask you to remember why you previously chose or are considering Aftershock Volleyball Club.

  • We strive to produce accomplished athletes while promoting a life-long love for the sport.
  • Skill development, confidence, and teamwork are emphasized in a competitive, yet supportive, environment.
  • We do our best to place players on a team that is in alignment with their skill level and where they have the best chance to build upon their skills and achieve their goals.
  • Our coaches are committed to all-around player development and well-being, and as NCVA members, have access to a multitude of coaching resources and training materials.
  • We respect and follow the rules and regulations as a model of good sportsmanship.
  • Our governing organization, NCVA, provides more varied and high-level competition opportunities and has years of experience with organizing tournaments.
  • Our primary focus is on the players and their developmental experience. We do this in concert with the support of players’ parents and families who we regard as our partners in this endeavor.