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2012-2013 14-1 Power Team Video

Another amazing video done by some of our parents of our 2012-2013 14-1 Power Team! Thank you Charles and Kim Aikawa for sharing this with us!

2012-2013 16-1 Power Team Montage

An awesome photo montage of our 2012-2013 16-1 Power Team done by one of our parents. Thank you for sharing this with us!

14 Black in Action!

Check out our 14 Black Team in action! Thanks for this great video Tom!

Girl Scouts Sporting Event

Aftershock Volleyball recently teamed up with NCVA (Northern California Volleyball Association) and Girl Scouts of America to provide a full day of clinics for Girl Scouts in our area and introduce them to the game of volleyball.

Some of our coaches volunteered their time and introduced hundreds of young girls from our community to the game of volleyball and word around the event was… not only was volleyball the favorite sport being taught among the girls, it was also the best run and had the nicest and funniest coaches. =)

We are always thrilled to be able to give back to the community. Overall it was a great event!

Thank you to every single one of our coaches for volunteering your time and thank you to NCVA for giving us the opportunity!

Videos & PhotosCheck out videos & photos from the event!

Aftershock Memories

Just a little compilation of the Aftershock memories over the past few years as a way to send a very big thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far.

Here’s to a fabulous fourth year Aftershock Family!