Who We Are

Craig Hardisty Craig Hardisty Craig primarily manages the day-to-day business operations of running the Club and has had sixteen years of experience in this capacity. Besides being a veteran volleyball dad and experienced club administrator, Craig... Club Director
Rich Schwarz Rich Schwarz Rich fields and monitors the progress of the teams and players and supervises the coaches to maintain a consistent standard of teaching skills and coaching techniques. Rich will mentor new coaches to... Director of Player Development
Rob Beal Rob Beal Rob has always considered himself to be the athletic type and loved playing sports growing up. He started playing basketball at the age of five and still plays today, but not as much as he plays and coaches’ volleyball. About... Coach
Kaitlin Ferguson Kaitlin Ferguson Kaitlin began her volleyball playing career in the early 2000’s at Slater Middle School in Santa Rosa where she fell in love with the game. She continued to play year round at both the school and club level with... Coach
Tina Harvey Tina Harvey Tina started playing volleyball in 1998 when she was just nine years old. From 1998 to 2004 she played for Orangevale Volleyball Club in the Sacramento area. In 2005, Tina began playing for Gold Cal Volleyball... Coach
Iris Lovelace Iris Lovelace When Iris was in middle school at Rincon Valley Middle School, she realized her adoration for the game of volleyball. Iris played throughout middle school and into her high school years at Santa Rosa High. After graduating from... Coach
Christine Vaishville Christine Vaishville Christine began her volleyball career as a player here in the Bay Area. She played as a strong outside hitter for both Holy Names High School in Oakland and Mercy High School in San Francisco. After... Coach
Charlotte Mogensen Charlotte Mogensen Coach
Mark Tamanaha Mark Tamanaha Coach
Brittany Carte Brittany Carte Coach
Caitlyn Hardisty Caitlyn Hardisty Coach
Ted Sasse Ted Sasse Coach
Amber Oden Amber Oden Coach
David Woodbury David Woodbury Coach
Eden Gold Eden Gold Coach
Stephanie Robinson Stephanie Robinson Coach
Ryan Vanvakaris Ryan Vanvakaris Coach
Valeria Mendez Valeria Mendez Coach
Colleen Noonan Colleen Noonan Coach
Camryn Downing Camryn Downing Coach
Jaclyn Vaishville Jaclyn Vaishville Coach
Emily Giampaoli Emily Giampaoli Coach
Hannah Delaney Hannah Delaney Coach
Rebecca Steiner Rebecca Steiner Coach
Jeffrey Bradshaw Jeffrey Bradshaw Coach
Zoey Bagala Zoey Bagala Coach